To start the display manager locate the "CW-DisplayManager" in your CasinoWare folder and double click to start.

The Log-In window will appear.

Showing the Tournament Clock

With Display Manager you can show information screens to the players. Beside the known tournament clock, there's a "Lobby View", "Multi-Tournament View" and some others.

The Manager has mainly two lists. On the left side you can see a list of all connected displays including the main screen. If you don't have an additional screen connected you just have one row, the computer's "Main Screen".

On the right side you can find a list of different ports. Ports are different views presenting information for one tournament, cash game or a summary of all events like the "Lobby View".
Before displaying a view you have to assign a port to a screen. Just drag & drop the port you like from the right side to a display on the left side.

If you do not find your tournament on the right side, the reason could be that the tournament is in "Initiation" state (circle). There's a filter by default hiding tournaments while initiating. You can set the tournament to "Registration" state or deselect the filter.

The "Displays" list on the left side has 4 columns. Beside the "Device" and the assigned "Port" column there are two more. One is for full screen and one is for enabling the display. By default the "Main Screen" is not in full screen mode.

Full Screen column. If selected the entire screen will be covered. if not selected the menu bar and the dock will remain on the screen.
Display column. If selected the screen will be enabaled and the view is displayed.

Full Screen mode does not allow any other windows on top of the screen. You can not access the menu bar nor the dock from this screen. To exit full screen mode press cmd-alt-return to undisplay the view.