Player Management is one of the main features for a casino or club. Beside name, address and contact information you can manage photos, identification data (birthday, ID-card, social ID, etc.), player cards, earnings and much more.

Players Menu

To show the list of players, go to Menu > Players > Show Players or use the short cut  cmd - alt - P . Depending on the client application (CW-TournamentFloor, CW-CheckIn, etc.) the menu may looks different. Our example shows the menu of the Tournament Floor always with root access rights.

Find Player

"Show Players" will only open the players window. If you select "Find" from the "Players" menu, the window will pop up and the "Find" field will be active. That allows to start searching players immediately. Use the  cmd - shift - F  short cut to jump direct into the the "Find" field.

New Player

There are several ways to create a new player. Nearly at any time you can select "New" from the "Players" menu or use the short cut  cmd - N . The "New Player" dialog will pop up for entering player's data. Some fields are mandatory and must be competed.