The runtime server manages all data and makes it available to all other applications via a network. Essentially, it is a database that not only responds to requests, but also sends active data to users.

Connections & Network

The runtime server is responsible for the individual connection of the clients.Each connection can be followed in the "Connections" section.In addition, the data flows are displayed graphically.

Data Overview

The server database holds several data tables and objects like the players, the visits, the tournaments and a lot more. The table shows all data tables and some additional information for the administrator and the developer.

  • Number of new objects
  • Number of updated objects
  • Number of deleted objects
  • Current number of objects
  • Status

Additional Services & Extensions

The server is also responsible for external connections, for synchronising and uploading data. Several additional services can be purchased, such like:

  • Central database for multiple locations
  • Scheduled uploads to your home page
  • Live Ticker for event driven uploads